Fundación’s Executive Director gives lecture to school students in Santiago


Last Thursday July 3rd, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt, Executive Director of Fundación, gave a talk on immunology to school students from various districts in the metropolitan area. Dr. Rosemblatt’s talk, titled “La Patrulla Celular” (The cell patrol) aimed to bring immunology closer to school students from 7 th to 10th grade. His lecture took place in the Auditorium Hall of La Granja Municipality.

This talk is part of a joint activity between CONICYT’s Explora Program and the Millennium Scientific Initiative that have set out a common goal to bring science closer to the general public. In his talk, Dr. Rosemblatt not only presented the work he has been doing in immunology for decades, but also, answered many questions from curious children and engaged in an interesting conversation about science and technology.

On the other hand, Dr. Rosemblatt also appeared on TV last week. He was interviewed in Chile’s leading science and technology program “Estamos Conectados” led by a famous Science and Technology journalist Soledad Onetto. A clip of this interview is available here.