Bionexa signs collaboration agreement with Nature Publishing group in London


Last Monday, April 28th, Bionexa, Fundacion’s virtual Network for Scientific Collaboration, signed an important collaboration agreement with Nature Publishing Group.

At Nature Publishing Group’s headquarters in London, Nature Network, a program similar to Bionexa has the ambitious objective of connecting all researchers around the world through its website. Matt Brown, Editor of Nature Network, contacted Filippo Pacciarini, Bionexa’s Director of International Collaborations, expressing his interest in Bionexa’s work, particularly in generating a communication channel for the Latin-American scientific community. In conversation with Bionexa, Matt Brown said: “For Nature Network was a very pleasing surprise to learn about Bionexa. At Nature Publishing Group, we are aware that the communication we keep with the investigators and the science being done in developing countries is far from optimal. We believe that an alliance with Bionexa connects us in an effective way with that part of the world”.

The agreement was signed at the Embassy of Chile in the United Kingdom, with the presence of Ambassador Rafael Moreno. The Ambassador acknowledged that “for the first time a true protagonist of the World’s scientific task, as is Nature Publishing Group, is actively involved in establishing connections with Spanish-speaking scientists. I am very proud and happy to have witnessed this agreement.”

The collaboration agreement entails, among others things, that Nature Network provides a greater visibility to Bionexa efforts in the international scientific audience through various channels, such as publication of articles, news, columns, editorials, exchange of links, banners and brochures. A special section has been created within Nature Network, called “Bionexa Latin-America“, which is co-administered among both parties.

Cristián Hernández-Cuevas, Fundacion’s, Business Development Director and Executive Director of Bionexa, emphasized that “This agreement is really important, as it greatly validates our efforts in connecting Spanish-speaking investigators. Nature Network are aware of numerous projects similar to Bionexa in the world, however, none as organized or specialized in the Latin American audiences as ours”.

Pablo Valenzuela, Director of Fundacion, said: “for us has been very important to support initiatives such as Bionexa because they complement perfectly with our plans to maintain relations and research networks with scientists abroad. A formal link with Nature Network puts us on top of the world’s scientific networks, which provides us access to cutting-edge science”
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Cristian Hernandez (Fundacion), Filippo Pacciarini (Bionexa), Matt Brown (Nature Network), Rafael Moreno (Chilean Ambassador for the United Kingdom).
Cristian Hernandez (Fundacion), Filippo Pacciarini (Bionexa), Matt Brown (Nature Network), Rafael Moreno (Chilean Ambassador for the United Kingdom).